Spanish Tuition
My Spanish Heritage




I was born in the south of Spain and moved to England at the age of 3. Learning a new language was forced upon me but resulted in me being able to learn other languages more easily. The importance of maintaining my mother language was important to my family and primarily to myself and this was supported with myself and my siblings attending evening classes after school run especially by the Spanish Government for Spaniards living abroad and their families.


I studied to be a tri-lingual secretary but my career then diverted to nursing where I spent a good 15 years and then on to healthcare. Throughout this time, I have been approached by different people about Spanish tuition and I have found that each person’s needs were very different but uppermost they were important to them. One student I had was a mature lady with her daughter who felt uncomfortable in a class room setting and felt she lacked the confidence to ask when she did not understand something. Consequently, she was unable to learn as quickly as she would have liked and her confidence plummeted. 


In our sessions together with her daughter, we were able to explain things thoroughly for them and build up their confidence about pronunciation. After two years and several holidays in Spain where they were able to put their learning into action, she bought a property abroad and blossomed in her confidence and achievements.